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Portrayal of the Human Form, Fe29 Gallery, 2022 - Read a review here
Autumn Collection, Fe29 Gallery, 2022 - Read a review here
A Christmas Selection, Fe29 Gallery, 2021
Grit, Fe29 Gallery, 2021 - Read a review here
Pictured, Fe29 Gallery 2020
Frayed, Fe29 Gallery 2020
Viky Garden - Paintings, Fe29 Gallery 2019 - Read a review here
Casting Shadows, Fe29 Gallery 2019 - Read a review here
Say it to my Face - Warwick Henderson Gallery 2018
Seven by Two - Warwick Henderson Gallery 2016 - Read a review here
Nature/Nurture, Braveheart Trust Exhibition, 2010
Passengers, Warwick Henderson Gallery, 2009 - Read a review here
New World Virtues, Warwick Henderson Gallery, 2008 - Read a review here
Hinterland, Judith Anderson Gallery, 2007 
Girls and Dolls, Judith Anderson Gallery, 2006
Arabesques, Edmiston Duke Gallery, 2005 - Read a review here
Femme Bridal Suite, Edmiston Duke Gallery, 2006 - Read a review here
Dressergirls, Judith Anderson Gallery, 2005 - Read a review here
Baselines, Judith Anderson Gallery, 2004 - Read a review here
Polemos, Judith Anderson Gallery, 2003
Any Given Day, Judith Anderson Gallery, 2002 - Read a review here
Auckland - A Work of Fiction, 2001 - Read a review here
Here After, Peters Muir Petford Gallery, 2000
Contra-indications, Peters Muir Petford Gallery, 1999 - Read a review here
Office Wives, Chiaroscuro Gallery, 1997 - Read a review here
Sisters of Mercy, Chiaroscuro Gallery, 1996 - Read a review here
A Thin Disguise, Chiaroscuro Gallery, 1995 - Read a review here
Under No Illusion, Chiaroscuro Gallery, 1994 - Read a review here
Nude Exhibition, Auckland Society of Arts, 1990 
Viky Garden Paintings, Auckland Society of Arts, 1989 - Read a review here
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