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abstract figurative painter self portrait woman artist New Zealand portraiture nz painting feminist artwork viky garden nude sculpture sculptor studio menopause female contemporary figure face faces portraits portray portrayal figures expressive brooding moody contemplative human condition menopausal depression depressed abstraction art

Social Media Links: 

Instagram: vikygarden

Facebook: vikygardenartist

Youtube: Viky Garden - Fe29 Gallery 2019

Youtube: Viky Garden 2017

Youtube: Viky Garden 2016 

Youtube: Viky Garden - Warwick Henderson Gallery 2016


Interview with Joanna Davis/Sunday Star Times 2022

Interview with Sanctuary Magazine 2022

Interview with Karyn Hay/Radio NZ 2021

Grit Exhibition - The Art of the Self Portrait

The Pan Review of the Arts - No.6

Interview by Mark Andresen, March 2018

See me, feel me
Interview by Graham Reid, 'Elsewhere', March 2013

Corbans Summer School 2011 Interview Series
Interview by Kyla Mackenzie, August 2010

Published Articles/Catalogues:

Class of '79

Article by Andrew Paul Wood 

The Big Idea May 2023


Cute-as cottage with surprising interior following renovation

Article by Colleen Hawkes

Stuff News 2022

Grit Catalogue 2021

Is it possible to buy NZ art without spending a fortune?

Article by Joanna Davis

Stuff News 2021

Photoforum - Casting Shadows

Article May 2019

Imagery: Shadow & Light

Exhibition Catalogue Book

The Art League of Baytown

Houston, Texas, USA 2018

Simply You 2019

Homes to Love

Art New Zealand

Number 168/Summer 2018-19

Say it to my face 

Exhibition Review by Beth Goldner September 2018

Contemporary New Zealand Art 5
Elizabeth Caughey, David Bateman Ltd, 2008

Art New Zealand Today

Sixty Exhibiting New Zealand Artists

E M Caughey (Editor) 2002

Art New Zealand

Number 77/Summer 1995-1996

'A Thin Disguise' - The Art of Viky Garden 


April 1991 186:40

Viky Garden: An Untraditional Look at Portraiture

Published Covers/Artwork:


Hannah Griffin, Thomas Voyce, Norman Meehan

Rattle Records 2023

Album cover/booklet artwork

East West Moon
Jonathan Crayford
Records 2016
Album cov
er photography

Book cover: 'The Idaho Review' 
Association of Writing Programs 
Boise State University, Idaho, USA, 2014

Poster: 'The Idaho Review' 
Association of Writing Programs 
Boise State University, Idaho, USA
Seattle Bookfair, USA, 2014

Dark Light
Jonathan Crayford
Rattle Records 2014
Album cover photography

Book cover: 'The Odour of Sanctity' 
Amy Brown, Victoria University Press 2013 
Book cover

Te More
Whirimako Black & Richard Nunns
Rattle Records 2011
Album cover photography

The Curse of the Queen's Diamond
Dave Lisik, featuring Richard Nunns
Rattle Records 2011
Album cover photography


TVNZ Backchat Sunday Programme 

Paying Artist's Royalties - A Moral Choice (late 1990s)

This is Not a Love Story
The 1999 Contra-indications exhibition at Peters Muir Petford Gallery
can be viewed in Keith Hill's 2002 film, available on DVD.

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