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The Ovary Dress

I bought this dress back in the 1990s. It caught my my eye because of the fabric's cellular pattern and it soon became known as 'the ovary dress' (ironic really, considering I was not able to have children). I decided to employ the dress in my work - use it within compositional narratives.

It didn't really matter that I was the only one who knew of the dress's significance, in fact I preferred it this way as it gave me the freedom to utilise it every so often - very much marking different chapters in my life.

Having spent a good deal of its time in my studio, it's acquired the odd moth hole - a gentle nod to my Passengers series (where the world and everything in it slowly and silently decays) and unless I'm wrong, now in my mid fifties, the dress can quietly retire having done its job. Check out the slide show to see the dress in action.

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